Joanna Bish, an artist from Melbourne, Australia, creates unique greeting cards with a focus on Australiana
flora and fauna. She felt a calling to create illustrations of native Australian wildlife as many of Australia's animals
are on the brink of extinction and she wanted to make it her mission to promote interest in it.

"Each of my handmade cards is a narrative. I mainly work in watercolour and Aquarelle pencils as I like the
expressive qualities of watercolour and its various techniques.

"Each greeting card or poster I design is a spontaneous creation. I typically start with a central figure and
then let the creation weave itself into a composition. There is a dreamy and whimsical quality to much of my
art and I typically use a palette of soft colours to achieve this effect. I try to imbue the animals with
human-like expressions and personalities. I also have many Australiana cards with a fairytale twist.

"My current range of cards numbers well over 100, and I also have many A3 posters available.

"I hope you enjoy looking through my gallery."